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Helpful Lightning Facts

Direct lightning strikes to buildings will commonly result in a fire that starts on the roof or in the attic. In this photo, a brick home received a direct strike to the roof, creating a fire that caused $600,000 in damage. The first step of prevention is knowledge. Read through our handy facts and further educate yourself before installing a lightning protection system in your home or business.

— The US Receives 20 Million Lightning Strikes Annually
— A Lightning Strike Can Generate Temperatures in Excess of 50,000 Degrees Fahrenheit
— Lightning Is the Cause of 15% of All Fires in Wood Shingle Buildings
— The Cost of Insurance Claims for Lightning Damage Increased 28% from 2004 to 2008
— According to the Insurance Information Institute, Lightning Is the Number One Cause of Church Fires (30.2%) in the US
— Property Losses Due to Lightning Exceed $5 Billion in the US Annually
— Between 3 to 5% of All Commercial Insurance Claims are Lightning Related


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