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Keeping Your Family Safe with Lightning Protection Systems

A lightning strike to an unexpected home can be catastrophic. A single bolt can carry over 30 million volts of electricity that can rip through roofs, brick, and concrete, and even ignite fires. In addition to causing structural damage, it can also wreak havoc on computers, electronic equipment, and appliances.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, residential lightning losses exceed $1 billion annually and represent close to five percent of all residential insurance claims. With the assistance of Advanced Lightning Systems, clients in Washington, DC, and the Northern Virginia area, an unexpected catastrophe can be prevented.

Homes are Becoming More Susceptible to Lightning

With the inclusion of metal building products in homes, vulnerability of lightning strikes increase. Irrigation and security systems, invisible and electric fences, and computers and sensitive electrical appliances all contribute to this vulnerability. Minimize this threat with a properly installed grounding system. Our services offer a big return for a small investment.

Rods & Grounding Systems

Our reliable protection systems are intended to last the life of the property and defend your home from direct lightning crashes. This stress-free system typically only requires maintenance if changes are made to the property’s structure, such a new roof additions, new electrical services, or an installation of a satellite dish. Like fire alarms, sprinklers, and security systems, a lightning protection system provides peace of mind, knowing that a potentially disastrous problem has been dealt with proactively.

Rod Systems

Our Systems are Ideal for:

• Schools
• Hospitals

• Airports
• Factories

• Chemical Plants
• Power Generating Plants

• Residential Homes
• Office Buildings and More